My Doggy Throne

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Handmade in Warwickshire

about us

most pet bicycle seats are designed for small dogs

So……I decided to make my own. My Doggy Throne is a pet bicycle seat suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, weighing up to 18kg. Easy to fit onto most bikes.

pet bicycle seat mini


My Doggy Throne is a pet bicycle seat designed for small- to medium-sized dogs to join you and your family on bike rides. Now your furry friend can tag along in style and comfort.

Unlike other pet bike seats that are available, My Doggy Throne not only has a small dog bike seat, but we also have a larger seat that can carry medium-sized dogs weighing up to 18kg.

The frame used to hold our dog bike seat is manufactured out of steel and is designed to carry a child’s bike seat. It has been tested to hold up to 80kg, making it more than suitable to carry your furry friend.

My Doggy Throne fits onto most bikes and is super easy to install. 

our story

Our slightly chunky Cocker Spaniel Remi comes everywhere with us. Like most dogs, she has FOMO (fear of missing out), so in the summer of 2021, after we got some bikes, we struggled to find a suitable option for something to carry her along with us. We tried a dog trailer, but she didn’t like it and was too heavy for a basket.

After searching online, I found a dog bike seat but it could only carry dogs up to 11.5kg, so I decided to design my own. After months of researching various materials and methods for constructing the dog bike seat, I finally decided on a safe, lightweight and comfortable design for Remi, and My Doggy Throne was born.

pet bicycle seat on an ebike

Medium Throne

bike seat for dogs medium pet bicycle seat


buddyrider alternative on a ladies bike pet bicycle seat

small throne

now everyone

can enjoy the ride

No more leaving your furry friend at home. Now even your dog can join you and your family on your bike rides. 

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