My Doggy Throne

I am on holiday until the 14th of August. I will not be able to start any new orders until I return.

Handmade in Warwickshire

how to



Attach the adjustable frame to the bike’s seat post (1). There must be at least 3cm of the post available. Tighten up the screws, making sure not to overtighten. Do the same for the other end of the frame.(2)


The My Doggy Throne already has part 2 of the frame secured to its base, place this on top of the frame.


Tighten up the quick-release clamp as much as possible by twisting the lower bolt before locking it down in a horizontal position.


Insert the shaft locking pin and close.

Should you choose or need to adjust the positioning of the Dog Seat on its mounting frame, then you will need to drill new holes into the mounting frame to accommodate the locking pin.

The locking pin is not a necessity, but it will make the Dog Seat feel more secure.

Please ensure that all screws and bolts are tight before every bike ride.